One in five Australians experiences mental ill-health every year. Your club could play a pivotal role in enhancing and supporting the positive mental health of your members, players and their families. With so few Australians seeking professional help for mental ill-health, it’s more important than ever to ensure your players, members and parents feel safe, connected and supported.

We know that community sporting clubs across the country are leading the charge when it comes to promoting physical fitness, but your club can also support those who are experiencing mental health issues.

Good Sports works with sporting clubs to build stronger and safer support networks that encourage open and inclusive conversations around mental health. Your local Good Sports team will connect your club with local mental health services and tailor the program to the needs of your club.

The benefits:

  • Improved knowledge within your club
    Coaches, senior club members and leaders will be better equipped to understand the mental health environment in their club and respond accordingly.
  • Make a difference
    Your players, members and their families may feel more supported by their club and may be more likely to seek help if they know it’s readily available.
  • More respect for your club
    Healthy Minds clubs are stronger, more respected and more connected in their local communities, making them more attractive and inclusive to their broader communities.
  • Better outcomes
    Clubs that support player resilience by having a strong understanding of mental health may see better player performance.
  • Plenty of support
    The Good Sports team supports your club to complete the program at your own pace and with tailored information and strategies.


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